Donate Unused Makeup, Cosmetics, Skincare and Hair Products – Cosmetics for a Cause

I’m writing today to introduce you to a new campaign I am launching with Dolce Beauty and N.J. Creative Media, my design company. I have decided to spend this holiday season giving back to the community and helping those in need the best way I know how… by bringing the gift of beauty to a cause close to my heart.

I have started an organization called Cosmetics for a Cause which collects new, unused beauty products, skincare, and hair products to donate to various women’s shelters. I am working with a few needy organizations and would love if you could help me to support their causes.

Please check out the Cosmetics for a Cause website at www.donatecosmetics.org, or help me out by placing one of the following badges on your site:

I Donate Cosmetics and Makeup to Charities

There are three badges to choose from, here.

If you have any additional comments or suggestions on ways to help, or would like to donate directly, please contact me ASAP!

Thank you :)

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